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Meet Ty & Gus our Perfect Fit Canines



Meet Ty & Gus! Two puppies the 1Six Foundation purchased for Perfect Fit Canines. These two cute little guys will be highly trained service dogs for individuals with autism and other disabilities. We are so happy to be a part of their journey! We sent them on their way with two of everything on their wish lists and can't wait to meet them before they head off to their forever homes. The 1Six Foundation also was able to name these dogs for life. Fittingly naming the yellow, very calm pup, Ty and the chocolate English lab with the large blockhead, Gus. While choosing Ty as a name was obvious, we picked Gus for the other because that was Ty's dogs name (which he bought and named himself)

We can't wait to share their journey with all of you and thank you for supporting The 1Six Foundation.

Check out this amazing organization and all the good they do:

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