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The 1Six Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been created to bring awareness to how short and precious life is.


Ty was bigger than life, so it only makes sense now that he is no longer with us, that his memory would help many causes in need that were near and dear to his heart.

On March 13th of 2016, in the final lap of a race that our son was leading, our entire world suddenly stopped.


Anyone who knew Ty, knew what the expression "a smile from ear to ear" truly meant.  Unfortunately for us, we will no longer be able to see that infectious smile of his.  Ty was only 17 years old, but he had a very powerful personality and driving determination.  Those of us that knew him could not deny that he was destined to do great things.  It is our mission to make him proud by carrying out acts of kindness so we can bring out Ty's smile to those in need.  Ty lived his life without fear, without regret and of course ... always full throttle ... which only makes more sense of his famous quote he lived by, "I'm not afraid of dying ... I'm afraid of not living".


We are beyond proud of the man we raised and we had so much hope for a future that won't exist for our captivating son, who would one day rule the world with just his beautiful grin.  We have a really long and hard road in front of us, and we know from experience, due to the passing of our first son, Tommy, just how difficult it will be to travel that road without Ty.  This Foundation will follow the example Ty left us; to always push the limits and always give back to those in need.


1Six Foundation
26 Revo Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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